May 11, 2011

One step closer

We are still on track to make the move to The Ranch later this summer.  Before we do so, however, we need an outside room for the cats, and a fenced yard for the chickens.  Last weekend, the cat room began. 

The cat room covers the entire depth of our apartment/garage, which is 24 feet,  and comes out 12 feet from the building.  This room is much larger than what the cats currently have at our city house, and I think they will love it. 

Neal said it was no picnic using the post hole digger in our rocky ground, but he managed to get it done with no automated machinery and no assistance from anyone.

After the posts were set in the ground, he then hung and framed the handmade door.  He even put a decorative touch to the trim!

Because I was at home babysitting Captain, Neal had to handle the entire project by himself.  He tells me the trickiest part was attaching the chicken wire roof with only two hands.  He managed to secure the wire panels with bungee cords to hold them down, as he moved along on a ladder stapling each section.

As a finishing touch, and a barrier to digging critters, he lined the perimeter of the room with rocks.  We certainly have no shortage of rocks at The Ranch!

When I asked Neal why the cat room was sloping he said, "because the ground slopes there!"  It would have been too much trouble to try and bring in dirt to build up that area, so he worked with what he had.  If we put plastic roof panels on in the future, the slope will help with rain/snow run-off.  Plus, I don't think the cats will mind one bit if their room is sloped!

Neal had hoped to completely finish this project in one weekend, but unfortunately he ran out of chicken wire.  He lacks a small section on the back wall, which shouldn't take much time or effort to complete.  Then, on to the chicken yard!

After working hard all weekend long, Neal was rewarded with our gorgeous mountain views and only the peaceful noises of night in the country.  A just reward for a job well done!


PawPurrry said...

This is awesome...I can't wait to see the building of the chicken "room". said...

I am certain the cats will LOVE their new "room". What a beautiful view they will have! It's so spacious and so much room to roam. Lucky cats!

Anonymous said...

that much closer to moving to the ranch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!