May 10, 2011

Donut Head

This week marks the fourth week post surgery for Captain.  Overall, things have been going really well.

My main complaint is that I miss sleeping every night in my own bed. Captain's main complaint is having to wear the inflatable donut on his head when we aren't watching him.

Everything is healing nicely and his first x-ray looked really good, but he still has a spot on his incision site that isn't healing like the rest.  It's on the top of his knee, on the inside fold of skin.  It's in a perfect location for him to lick and aggravate, which prolongs the healing. 

The donut serves its purpose well and is less cumbersome than the lampshade collar the vet provided, but Captain is still not impressed.  A few times, he has even managed to get the donut off his head, usually in the middle of the night...that little stinker!

When he can't succeed at removing the contraption himself, he comes up to one of us and gives the most pitiful, pleading look you ever saw.  The shame of it all!  And, when neither of us can be convinced to free him from the torture device, he goes off to pout in his most uncomfortable-looking frog pose!


Sherri said...

I am glad to see your family member doing better. Please keep the updates coming.

PawPurrry said...

Awwww poor Captain...but damn those donuts are way better than the Plastic Collar....too bad it's difficult to get him to understand that...but the donut actually looks kind of cool on him...maybe if you could convince him of that...he might be able to appreciate it a little better. : )

Morning Bray Farm said...

I'm so happy to see that he's doing well Lilla!