May 23, 2011

Girl time at the beach

I recently joined ten other gal pals for an extended weekend at the beach in Destin, Florida.  We rented two gorgeous condos with spectacular views right on the beach .  The weather cooperated most of the time and we were able to soak up some rays while we sat on the beach catching up with each others lives. I have known all of those girls over 25 years, but don't keep up with all of them regularly.  In fact, I had completely lost touch with most of them until last year.  It's amazing how we seemed to pick up right where we left off after no contact for so long!  I definitely feel a different connection to girls I have known since I was a child, compared to friends I've made as an adult.  Maybe it has something to do with growing up and maturing together and experiencing all those awkward  childhood moments!

We had a fabulous time and the days flew by too fast!  We laughed and cried, we ate and drank too much, and some of us got too much sun.  We enjoyed the freedom of having no obligations and no schedules.  We rekindled old friendships and developed new ones.  We vowed to get together at least once a year to do it all again.  Now, I need a vacation to recuperate from my vacation!


C and C Antiques and Animals - What a Life! said...

I love spending time with old friends! Glad you all had a good time visiting and remembering!

Cousin Arnetta said...

It sounds y'all like a "grand" time getting re-acquainted :-)

So Captain must be a lot better for you to be able to leave him for a few days

Susie said...

Had a great time. Glad to see my pic made the blog.

Love you..

Lilla said...

Connie, it was great fun!

Arnetta, grand time indeed! Yes, Captain is doing really well. I left him in the capable hands of Neal and everything worked out fine.

Susie, me too! I love seeing your smiling face posted on my blog. Love you!

Morning Bray Farm said...

Good for you! I'm looking forward to doing some of the same soon with my childhood friends in Maryland. :)

Anonymous said...

that's another potent kind of solar power, isn't it? friendship, sun and the ocean! sounds wonderful!