May 11, 2009

Weekend At The Ranch

Even though our country property is less than 10 acres, Neal's dad calls it "The Ranch". We are trying to figure out what we will officially name our little piece of paradise when the time comes, but for now we just call it The Ranch. We headed to The Ranch for the weekend, eager to check out the foundation and plumbing and to spend some time relaxing in one of the most beautiful places we've ever seen - a place we hope to call home one day.

The foundation had cured and set up nicely and we walked around, envisioning what would go where and how things will look when it's complete. Neal even demonstrated using the tub and toilet, and washing up in the kitchen. Goofy man! The dogs and I enjoyed watching his theatrics.

While walking the property, I discovered what looks a lot like a horn of some type, but its texture was like the bark of a tree. I have no idea what it is, but I thought it was neat. Any clues? We also came across some deer bones, which our citified dogs enjoyed passing back and forth until Captain splintered a piece off and we took it away.

The most exciting part of our weekend, though, was getting to meet fellow bloggers Jim and Rene from Live Work Dream. I've been following their blog for quite a while and when I found out they would be in Colorado and very close to our property, we arranged to get together. They are such fun and interesting people and the four of us discovered we have a great deal in common. Rene and Jim sold their house and their business and hit the road fulltime over two years ago. They are now looking for their own little piece of paradise somewhere in Colorado, and Neal and I did our best to steer them toward our area. Hopefully, we were convincing enough!

We had to leave The Ranch to head back to the big city Sunday evening, but we left Jim and Rene on our property and invited them to hang out. Lucky ducks, they get to witness the framing process of our garage/apartment which begins TODAY! Rene promised to email me some pictures this week, so check back for updates in a few days.

Thanks Rene and Jim for spending the weekend with us. Enjoy the rest of your stay on The Ranch!


frugalmom said...

It is so beautiful at The Ranch! Just looks so peaceful.

How cool is that that you got to meet some fellow bloggers. Isnt that the greatest thing ever? I have made many friends via blogging. In fact, one of my closest friends is a friend that I met via blogging and then went on to meet in person. It was a great experience.

LiveWorkDream said...

Eeek! You beat me to it! Check our blog in about a month!

We had such a great time with you guys. Thank you again for the awesome food and good times, and the lovely scenery this week. We are so happy to have finally met you!

Lilla said...

frugalmom, it IS very peaceful at The Ranch. Everyone who goes there agrees. Meeting blogging buddies is great. Maybe we'll meet you one day!

Rene and Jim, ditto to all of that. And, go easy on the pics you post on your blog when you write about your time with us. I like taking pictures of other folks, but hate being the subject of pictures! Hope the group shot came out OK.

Jon said...

Cousin I would say that was genuine bovine horn. Well weathered.

Anonymous said...

any deer prints in your concrete? i think that would be rather groovy :)

the sunset was beautiful!!

Lilla said...

Jon, Neal mentioned it might be a cow horn. We do have cows that free range the area, so it makes perfect sense. Cool.

Daune, no deer prints in the concrete, shucks! I'm with you, I think that would have been pretty neat. But, there are plenty of tracks in the dirt and lots of deer poop to prove they've been around!