May 8, 2009

Moving Right Along

Earlier this week we got the plumbing roughed in, and yesterday they poured our foundation. Whoo hoo! We have a slab and plumbing parts! Things are really starting to take shape now. It's a bit surreal, but exciting. Hopefully, next week the builders will begin the framing. Of course, Neal was present for all this week's events and brought back more pictures. You can click on each picture to enlarge.

We are going to the property this weekend to camp out, so I will get a firsthand look at everything. I just hope the foundation dried before any curious deer went exploring. On second thought, it might be kind of neat to have deer prints on our floor!

Here's a short video clip of one of the guys smoothing out the concrete with a buffer-like machine. Looks like fun, doesn't it?


frugalmom said...

Looking good! You have to be so excited!

Lilla said...

We are thrilled and so far everything is going smoothly. Every time we go out to our "ranch", we hate having to leave. Maybe one day we won't have to!