October 22, 2010

Neal makes tortillas

I've made homemade tortillas several times now.  Each time they are different.  My biggest complaint is they tend to be too dry and pretty hard the next day.  Neal made a wise crack about this one day, so I suggested he try his hand at tortilla making and see if he could do better.  He gladly took me up on the challenge.

Once I make my dough balls, I usually lay them out on a cookie sheet and cover them with plastic wrap or a damp towel.  Neal had another idea...

And when I roll out my tortillas, I try to get them fairly round with the rolling pin, but I don't stress over the shape.  Neal wanted to get them perfectly round, so he used an ice cream lid as a mold (can you say anal?).

To make sure his perfectly round tortillas kept their shape and were even thickness all over, Neal put a pot of water on top of his tortillas as they cooked (how does he come up with these things?).

Oops!  Some of his tortillas were rolled a little too thin and didn't hold their perfectly round shape.  Not as easy as it looks, now is it sweetie?

I am sure it's hard for a perfectionist to see the humor in a botched plan, but Neal managed to despite it all (do you see the face in the tortilla?).

Neal's first attempt at making tortillas turned out a success.  And because he added more water than the recipe called for, as well as one stick (!) of butter, they were much more moist and flexible than my tortillas. Oh well, guess there are worse things than having a husband who can outdo you in the kitchen!


Kuhns Acres said...

They look tasty. Never made them before. Always thought they were tood hard.

morningbrayfarm said...

You guys are too cute. Loved the face!

Anonymous said...

a man who cooks is a keeper :)

Chef Dad said...

Real men cook. And look at all the tools we get to use.

Lilla said...

Chef Dad....welcome and thanks for your comment! Yes, you guys do love the tools, don't you?

Lilla said...

Stacy, they aren't really hard, just a bit time consuming. But, they are oh so worth it!

Justina, I'm married to a comedian!

Daune, that's for sure!