September 14, 2010

Gardening with friends

Our gardens were pretty pitiful this year...partly due to crazy weather early in the summer that ravaged my tomatoes and other tender plants, and partly due to gardener neglect.  I just couldn't get into the swing of  tending gardens this year. The crops that did grow, with little effort and attention from me, included carrots and squash.

I recently decided to harvest all the carrots, and enlisted the help of a few friends in the process.

As I pulled carrots from the box, my friends cleaned up the weeds, bugs and other edibles left behind, giving the soil a better tilling than a machine!

And since Captain and George didn't feel it was fair for the girls to have all the fun, I enlisted them as taste-testers.

My carrots were given the canine seal of approval and a good day was had by all.  Gardening is always more fun with friends!


morningbrayfarm said...

Definitely! It's so nice to have a little help from your friends, isn't it? Your carrots look beautiful! I'd love to make a raised bed for next year.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Your carrots look beautiful! My garden was also a disappointment this year. It was just too hot and too dry for anything to thrive.

Anonymous said...

our garden was a puny thing as well... our okra thrived but that is about it - everything else is pitiful... too hot of a summer, crazy weather, weird soil fungus... your chickens look like quite the helpers though :)