November 8, 2009

Coffee With A Deer Friend

The other morning, as I was walking out of the kitchen with my coffee cup in hand, I spotted something in the front yard. As I approached the window, I saw it was a female deer, nibbling on succulents in my rock garden. I stood in awe and watched her for a bit while I sipped my coffee. She moved from the rock garden to the bird feeder area, where she dined on some scattered seeds and nuts. She found the bird bath and helped herself to a drink. All the while, I stood transfixed on such a spectacular sight right there in my front yard. It finally dawned on me that I should get the camera, but by that time she had wandered off to the neighbor's yard. A few minutes and a second cup later, I passed by the window again and found a young buck dining in the very same spot. This time I was prepared! I opened the front door, thinking he would probably run, but that was not the case. He raised his head to look at me, then proceeded to munch on the scattered bird seed. I stood on the steps, just 10 feet from this beautiful creature, and snapped shot after shot. I finally had to bid him a farewell and head to the shower, but what a lovely way to start the morning.


Anonymous said...

you are right - what a great way to start the morning!

Lilla said...

Daune...just another thing I love about Colorado!