November 12, 2008

Frustrating Technology

How did we ever live without computers and the Internet? I really don't know, but the last couple of weeks have been a true test for me. We had wireless service for our laptop and our cell phones through Qwest, but they are getting out of the wireless market, so we were shuffled over to Verizon. So far, our cell phone service with Verizon has been OK, but our laptop broadband service has been miserably slow. It's like having dial up again. Remember dial up? I do and I'm not fond of regressing in this age of such advanced technology. Not only do we have to deal with incredibly slow connections, we're also dealing with getting totally booted out of the Internet with no warning. We have talked to Customer Service numerous times and taken in the laptop to a Verizon outlet to switch out the broadband card, all to no avail. Apparently, we live in a black hole (although we're in the middle of a very busy suburban neighborhood and less than a mile from a cell phone tower). Since our laptop is our only computer and connection to the Internet at home, this little inconvenience has turned into a major headache. And when I have a major headache I don't feel like doing much of anything, especially blogging. Our next step is to get a special antenna that might help boost our speed. If that doesn't work, we're telling Qwest/Verizon to kiss our laptops and we're looking for other options. Enough is enough.

Off my soap box now. You may proceed to your regularly scheduled programming.


suzan said...

Hi! I've been a lazy blogger lately. We've got a router that always kicks us off - I've disconnected it. I loved your china and antiques. And the diary is a gem. More so because these are your connections. And they won't kick you off, you know?

Lilla said...

Hi Suzan--yes, blogger's block happens quite often to me. But, when I DO want to blog, I want a decent Internet connection, darn it! Thanks for the compliments on my family heirlooms. They are special to me indeed.

Anonymous said...

how frustrating!!