November 13, 2008

Something Squirrely Goin' On

We got the antenna for the laptop. Just when I thought it was actually doing a better job, I soon realized it wasn't. When you can get a cup of coffee AND go to the bathroom in less time than it takes a website to download, something is wrong....terribly wrong. The nation's most reliable network? Yeah, right.

Not only is there something squirrely going on with our computer, there seems to be quite a bit of squirrel action in our yard lately. They are always entertaining us - and terrorizing the dogs and cats - with their antics.

And they have become very brave. At least one squirrel will come right up and take peanuts from our hands, but only when perched on top of the fence.

Much to the dogs' dismay, the squirrels have discovered the watering trough at the back door and aren't afraid in the least to dive in for a drink. The other morning, after a light freeze the night before, I caught a squirrel actually sitting in the trough on top of the ice, looking at me with pleading eyes. So, what did I do? I made the dogs hold it for a few minutes longer, and I covered the ice block with warm water so it would melt. The dogs were not impressed at all. Guess they thought they could rely on me to assist them in catching the little rascal, just as I thought I could rely on Verizon to connect me to the Internet in a reasonable amount of time. Looks like all of us were wrong in our assumptions.


Anonymous said...

love the squirrel picts!!

Lilla said...

They are cute little buggers, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

they are! jasper lilith tries her hardest to pet them but doesn't understand why they run away from her :)

if she ever catches one, i don't know who will come out for the worst - the squirrel or the jasper!

suzan said...

He looks like one healthy littel guy. And so kind of you to melt his water for him.