June 3, 2008

Beautiful Expressions

I am awed beyond words tonight....well, almost.

The veterinarian who treated Sammy, and ultimately euthanized him, was one we had just recently begun seeing. Although she had treated a few of our other pets, she had never seen Sammy. Her compassion and devotion were very touching. She called me daily with updates and when it became apparent Sammy was on a downward spiral, she supported our decision to ease his pain, while at the same time being very concerned about our pain.

These arrived this afternoon with a card from Dr. McKenney and staff at High Plains Veterinary Hospital. I must admit, I've used lots of veterinarians and witnessed lots of animals take their last breaths, but I have never received flowers from my vet.

The name of the florist that delivered them is Beautiful Expressions. I couldn't agree more.

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