June 19, 2008


Forty-one years ago today, at 11:21 a.m., I was born.

I remember when 40 seemed old. I don't feel old. But I am astonished that I've been on this planet for 41 years. And, what's more amazing is that science predicts I might live another 41 years. I can't even imagine what an 82-year-old me would be like!

Growing up, birthdays were recognized as special and were celebrated as such. When I was younger, there were always the themed birthday parties at a park, at McDonald's or at my house with specially invited guests, cake and ice cream and gifts. As I got older, celebrations were usually limited to family and maybe one or two friends, but always dinner and homemade birthday cake of my choice - usually German chocolate. The gifts got fewer, but more elaborate, and there was always a card. My mom loved cards. And she took however long she needed, standing in the card aisle, reading one after another, until she finally found the right one.

Before I left home, if we were in the same place at the same time, my mom would always stop what she was doing at 11:21 a.m. on June 19, bring my attention to the time, and burst into the Happy Birthday song. When I moved out on my own, she would call me on the phone at 11:21 a.m and sing to me...at home, at work, on my cell phone. Every year. There were lots of gifts and parties throughout the years, but what I miss most is the call at 11:21 a.m.


Kelpie said...

Happy Birthday, Lilla!
Best wishes for your birthday and the year to follow. Your weekend camping trip looked fun and fabulous, too.

Lots of licks for you for your birthday from Tucker, and thank you for your kind email about Boomer.

All the best,
Kelpie (aka MaryBeth)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!

Lilla said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!