February 25, 2012

Spring is around the corner...

Can you feel it where you live?  At our house, the dogs are getting friskier, the birds are coming out of hibernation, all three hens are laying, and best of all...it is still light out at 6:00 p.m.! Yes indeed, spring is just around the corner and we are all ready.  Besides attempting to plant a garden this year, we will also be planting some trees.  Our state forestry department offers a variety of bulk seedlings to choose from at reasonable prices, so we plan to take advantage of that. 

Here are some reasons why planting a tree is a GREAT idea:

-Trees can increase your property value, due to their aesthetics.
-They create a sound and wind barrier.
-Trees offer a free way to cool your home, thus reducing your need for air-conditioning and your demand on pollution-causing power plants.
-Trees eat carbon dioxide, a huge greenhouse gas. The American Forestry Association states if every American family planted a single new tree, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere would be reduced by as much as a billion pounds a year.

So give it a shot, and if you rent look into your local community, public, state, or even National parks for planting opportunities. You often can have it dedicated in your name or the name of a loved one.
Plant a tree... what a simple step to help the environment! 

If you don't feel up to planting and maintaining new trees on your property, there is another way for you to help the environment.  If you purchase any one of Shaklee's Gold Ambassador packs, Shaklee will plant FIVE trees in your name!  Just another reason I love this company!


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