April 3, 2011

Nutmeg's strange eggs

From time to time, Nutmeg lays strange eggs.  
They can be rough and wrinkled-looking...
with hash marks like someone took a sharp blade to them.

And other times, they are as smooth and lovely as a baby's bottom. 

We have no clue why Nutmeg - and only Nutmeg - lays such strange eggs, but Neal thinks it might have something to do with his exploratory probing procedure when we thought she was egg-bound!


Kuhns Acres said...

I have been trying to convince my husband to let me get some chickens but no luck yet, and I am not sure how the boys will react to them. They bark and try to get at trash that blows by the fence.

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

We get some strange ones from time to time, but I don't know if they come from the same girls or not. Our small layers, who lay blue eggs, always have smooth eggs. So do the 2 who lay green. But the "big girls" who lay browns - you never know what you're going to get. Last week I had 2 that wouldn't fit in the egg carton because they were so long and pointy. :)

Razzberry Corner said...

Lol, I just went back and re-read the post from last Aug about the exploratory probing procedure and the spa treatment!

Nutmeg's eggs are really odd looking!! But they're normal inside? Wow, do you think it messed her up inside when the probing was done? That's kinda scary! I hope I never have to do the probing, so far we have never had an egg-bound bird!


AJ-OAKS said...

My first thought was Nutmeg just wants to be different every so often!
But seriously, have no idea as to why she lays eggs like that.

Lilla said...

Shelly, you really should get chickens! They are so entertaining. We were concerned about our dogs in the beginning, but everyone gets along beautifully now. That's not to say all dogs will learn to co-exist with chickens. Some have very strong instincts to chase and kill!

Staci, glad to hear you have strange eggs too. Guess it's not just a Nutmeg thing! We've had some long pointy ones too that usually come from our Buff Orpington, Ginger.

Lynn, yes the insides of her eggs are always normal. It's just surface blemishes and it's not all the time. Who knows? I have heard others with chickens report the same thing, so I'm thinking it doesn't have anything to do with Neal's probing experience, but I like to tease him about it!

Cindy, I think you are right...Nutmeg just wants to be different, and keep us guessing!

basicliving@backtobasicliving.com said...

I get odd shaped, wrinkled, rubber, and even shell-less eggs from time to time. I guess sometimes the little egg making factory gets a glitch? I love that Neal thinks it was his probing! Ha!