March 27, 2011

Getting my donkey fix...

It had been approximately nine months since my birthday trip to Longhopes Donkey Shelter.  I was having withdrawals.  The blogs I read that focus on donkeys, such as The 7MSN Ranch and Morning Bray Farm are very enjoyable, but they just weren't giving me the fix I needed.  So, yesterday Neal and I took the 1 1/2 hour trek up to Bennett, Colorado to visit our friends at Longhopes.

I was thrilled to see my buddies from last year, Spirit and Ghost.  They have come a long way in the nine months since we last met, but they are still a little wary of humans. 

Of course there were new residents, like Oscar who is 30 years old...

and Boyd, who is missing his tail.  How this came to be no one knows....or more accurately, no one is saying.

We also met sweet Simon, with the wavy, soft hair...

and Pedro, the curious one.

There was no lack of donkey arm rests to be found.

Before our visit was over, I managed to fall in love with two wonderful females, Elsie and Kachoo.  They are former BLM donkeys who lived as pets for over five years.  They are bonded to each other and they are very friendly with people.  I really wish we were further along with things at The Ranch so we could adopt these girls, but we have no fencing, no shelter and we are not even living at The Ranch full-time yet.  Neal and I discussed  going ahead and adopting them and offering to pay boarding at the shelter until we have a set-up for them.  As great as that sounds, we really don't know how long that will be and it wouldn't be fair to the girls to make them wait for us if another qualified home comes up sooner.

So, I will have to put my selfish desires aside for now and hope that when the time comes the perfect donkey pair will be ready and waiting.  Since patience has never been a strong suit of mine, I know it will be difficult.  Mini donkey Hercules couldn't agree more!


Danni said...

Glad you got to get a small donkey fix, Lilla. Although, visiting 7MSN and Morning Bray Farm must help to tide you over, it's wonderful to think that someday you will have your own sweet pair to love on. Take care.

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Ooohhhh....I love Simon!! I can't wait to have donkeys.

AJ-OAKS said...

Oh Lilla I am so happy you got your donkey fix.
You WILL meet the perfect donkey pair when it is time. And you never know, the donkey girls may just still be waiting for you!
I am so excited for you and looking forward to the post when you let us know that you are gaurdians of wonderful Longears in your lives.
Hug. Hug.

Morning Bray Farm said...

Awww! Thanks for taking us back there with you.

Holy cow... I shudder to think how Boyd lost his tail. Wow.

You and Neal are going to be incredible and awesome donkey parents when the time comes... I just know it. :D xoxo

cousin Arnetta said...

Donkeys are so neat ! my mother's brother,
Uncle Jack, had a donkey named Nellie,
and I loved riding her as a youngster.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

My neighbor has donkeys and they are so cute. They can be really noisy too. I've been woken up several times by their braying during the night.
Glad you got a temporary fix and hope you will have permanent donkey pets soon.