August 10, 2010

Total Acceptance

My dear friend, Jane, occasionally forwards me inspirational emails. I always enjoy every message she sends, but today's I found exceptionally beneficial.  I hope you take the time to read it slowly and deliberately so that it's meaning sinks deep into your soul.

Total Acceptance

It is through total acceptance of what is, that you gain total control of what can be. By allowing life to come to you, you empower your purpose to radiate out from you. You cannot successfully fight against what is. For the moment you choose to fight, you're fighting against a past that cannot be changed.  Accept the energy that comes to you in this now moment, whatever flavor that energy may be. Apply that energy to create a beautiful future filled with joy and positive purpose. Embrace each circumstance as it comes into your awareness.  By doing so you will gain access to its positive possibilities. Live from a place of deep-seated peace. Instead of jumping into a reaction at every turn of events, exude a consistent, confident purpose. Lovingly accept every bit of life as it comes your way.  And you will always find much to truly love.

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Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

What a wonderful post - and a wonderful reminder.