July 16, 2010

Such good boys!

The dogs have gone to The Ranch with us many times over the last two years.  During those times, we've felt fortunate that no deer have crossed their paths while they were roaming our property.  Since they have adjusted so well to the chickens, we decided to test them with the deer the next time the opportunity arose.  Since our property is in prime deer country, it didn't take long.

The evening was cool and crisp, so we had the door to the cabin open.  Nadia and George were chilling out inside; Captain was lying outside, guarding his ranch.  All was peaceful and quiet.

Before long, the deer appeared in our driveway, approximately 20 yards from where Captain was sitting.  He rose from his reclining position and showed interest.

Neal gave him the command to stay put, and he did!  He just sat there and watched as the deer trotted along.  What a good boy he was!  Later that night, Nadia and George had their test when we were all walking down the drive and a herd flew by in front of us.  George took off after them, we both yelled, and he turned around and came right back to us.  Another good boy moment!

Nadia alerted to the deer, but she didn't seem too concerned.  I was never really worried about her because she is so in tune to me and follows commands well.  The boys were my biggest concern, and they passed with flying colors!  Good boys!


the7msn said...

May I send Smooch to you guys for some training? That is very impressive.

AJ-OAKS said...

You have great dogs! Total respect one an all. :)
Oh how I miss seeing the deer here on the property. Ever since the donkeys moved in that was the end of the deer. The donks kept chasing them away.

Anonymous said...

Good boys is right! Let me just tell you that would not happen with this pack. Ever in a bazillion years.

Your ranch looks like heaven. Lucky you. :)

Lilla said...

Linda...sure, send her on! I'm sure she could teach our dogs a thing or two about country living!

AJ-OAKS...Thanks! They are pretty great. I didn't realize that donkeys would chase away deer. We may have the same problem, of vanishing deer, since we hope to add some donkeys one day.

Justina...I honestly never thought it would happen with our pack either, but they proved me wrong. Our ranch does feel like a little piece of heaven. If only we were there full time!

basicliving@backtobasicliving.com said...

Good pups! I can't wait to hear all the adventures when you are finally there full time. And then, everyone will be accustomed to it and it will be smooth sailing. :) Y'all are so on your way! (((hugs)))

Lilla said...

Penny...thanks for the support!