July 2, 2010


The chicks turned 20 weeks old this week.  We're told they should start laying between 5-6 months old.  Just to clarify, our chicks are now FIVE MONTHS OLD!  We have so been hoping someone would bless us with an egg or two around the 5-month mark.  They are definitely showing all the signs.  Just look at those bright pink wattles and combs!

We have been spoiling these girls like crazy.  They get good quality grower feed, scrumptious veggie scraps, strawberries (a favorite) and applesauce (another favorite).  Not to mention all the free-ranging time, chicken cocaine and as many hugs and kisses as they will allow.  And still, no eggs.

We showed them their comfy, roomy nesting boxes with all the fresh, new shavings just waiting to cradle warm eggs.  We even placed plastic, colored eggs in their nesting boxes to encourage them.  And what do we get in return?

 ...nothing but a bunch of blank stares and innocent faces.  It's a good thing they are so darn cute and entertaining! 

Now girls, be little dears and go lay some eggs for your mommy!


frugalmom said...

I think they are thinking that you have nice, pretty colored ones in there already...

DebH said...

I know..I know...I have had my chickens for years and I have some absolute favorites. Seems the way to make them lay is to brandish a very large knife while reading chicken recipes....SNORT!! Truly I jest, but it's a story I told my sister once years and years ago and she was appauled. Ok, I have a sick sense of humor sometimes, but just saying I was going to use that threat, we were graced with an egg! We still laugh!! (hope you do too) :)

Razzberry Corner said...

Ha, I have exactly the same plastic eggs in my egg boxes!! But my ladies are 9 months old and 9 of them are laying, 2 of them are broody and not laying, and 2 of them have babies and are not laying... Good luck with them!!

icebear said...

There's a little song my aunt taught me when i was a kid. I always associate it with her and made sure my kids also know it. Reading your post made me think of it:

Had a little chicken
and it wouldn't lay an egg
so i poured hot water
up and down its leg
and the little chicken cried
and the little chicken begged
and the gosh darn chicken

Of course i'm not advocating this method, lol But it might work to stroll innocently around the yard and sing it to them.


Anonymous said...

Love this post. :) You guys are such awesome chicken parents! We just know they will reward you with eggs very, very soon. :)

basicliving@backtobasicliving.com said...

Ha! Frugalmom may be right about the pretty eggs already there! Not much longer Lilla.......

the7msn said...

I keep thinking my girls will be overachievers and start laying any day now...but they're younger than yours, and their combs and waddles aren't nearly as developed. I'm officially cancelling my egg watch until your girls start producing.