May 6, 2010

On to greener pastures

Even though the girls have a fabulous Chick Chalet and run, I know they would love to do more free-ranging. So, when Neal put up the yearly make-shift fencing around my garden boxes, I decided it would be a good time to give them a little taste of greener pastures.

At first they all rushed over to the same patch of grass and started nibbling, hesitant to venture too far. Then, they got brave and started venturing out.

I covered the two boxes I have already planted in and watched and waited to see if they would discover the unplanted boxes, which need to be weeded and tilled.

Neal attempted to show them proper chicken etiquette regarding scratching the soil, but they ignored him and promptly took off in the other direction.

And then, one by one they hopped in the two empty boxes and began nibbling and scratching. In and out, nibble and scratch, peck and poke. They looked like kids let loose in a candy store.

They soon discovered the jackpot of dandelion leaves and other weeds.

After watching them for a while, I dubbed Nutmeg the ultimate compost maker. She took her job of scratching and stirring up the soil very seriously. She chose one corner of one box and went to town.

And just when she had gotten the area all fluffed and prepared to her liking, Ginger stepped in and snuggled down beside her as if all the work was done for her benefit!


Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Neal looks like he is a good instructor of chicken etiquette.
Your chickens are so pretty.

AJ-OAKS said...

That was so funny about Neal showing the girls what to do. Hilarious! That man of yours must have a sense of humor!
Your girlies are so pretty.
But of course when one makes that perfect spot, another has to come over and invade. said...

LOL @ Neal!!! I love that! At the end of the gardening season, I open up my garden to the chickens and they do a wonderful job of turning over the soil and getting rid of weeds right up to the point that I'm ready to plant again in the spring and put the fence back up. Plus they fertilize it nicely! Your girls are up for the job! So is Neal...... :)

Anonymous said...

I love this post! How absolutely sweet they are. Neal is a wonderful chicken dad and you're a wonderful chicken mom. :) Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

i love the picture of your hubby showing the chickens the proper etiquette for chickens!!