December 7, 2009

She Takes Her Duties Seriously

As the Postal Service motto goes, "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds". I think C.C. must have been a postal carrier in a former life. I bet she was as dedicated a carrier as she is a critter stalker! All the other cats tucked tail and ran deep into the warmth of our house as soon as they felt the frigid air outside, but not this girl.

When I opened the door to let the dogs out, C.C. bolted outside for her favorite spot by the fence. I felt sure that she would be back meowing at the door within minutes, but that crazy cat refused to come inside, even with temps at 15 degrees and falling! I eventually had to go out and shoo her back in. Today all she accomplished was keeping a patch of ground (and a few peanut shells) warm and dry, but she assures me tomorrow she will catch whatever is lurking behind that fence. That's what I call serious dedication to the duties at hand!

Edited to add: Well, she did it. Tonight, when the temps were below 10 degrees, she ventured out yet again and minutes later she appeared at the door. Little did I know when I opened the door to let her in that she had a mouse in her mouth! She walked in, proud as a peacock, I screamed, she dropped the mouse and I scooped it up and released it to the frigid world. It was still alive and managed to walk away, but I have no idea the extent of its injuries, if any. I'm amazed. I really didn't think she had it in her!


Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

C.C. looks a bit like my Mazie Grace, who is also a dedicated huntress. Your snow looks cold - all we get is rain.

Susie said...

That is so funny. My cat blames me for the weather. She has been camped out under the covers for the day or I guess maybe for the week the way that the weather is looking.

cousin Arnetta said...

What she'll do with it after she catches it ?
C.C. is a pretty kitty ... I used to have a calico. I miss having pets, but at my stage of life I'm not collecting more creatures to take care of, a husband is enough :-) ...but I get to love on the grand-dogs as well as the granddaughters when they come visit ...

Lilla said...

SVB....funny thing is C.C. has never really been a big huntress until recently. If you read my update, you'll see she actually did catch a mouse and nearly gave me a heart attack! Maybe she got lucky and the mouse was a bit sluggish from the cold weather. I love the snow. As long as the wind isn't bad, it's really not as frigid as you might imagine.

Susie...your cat sounds like a normal cat. C.C., on the other hand, is not!

Arnetta...did you see my update about C.C. bringing the mouse in the house? I don't know what her intentions were, but I didn't wait long enough to find out! I've had animals in my life for so long, I honestly don't know what life would be like without them. They are such great companions....most of the time!

cousin Arnetta said...

No, I had not read your update when I wrote my comment... she was sharing her captured prey with you... you're s'posed to be proud of her :-)
We once had a cat named Thomas, who would bring me his game, a squirrel, mice, and a snake, to the front porch :-)
I told him I could do without the snake and he didn't bring me any more.