March 7, 2009

National Mill Dog Rescue

I've mentioned this rescue group once before in my blog. I have recently begun volunteering with them and the work they are doing on behalf of puppy mill dogs is simply amazing. I am so proud to have such an awesome group right here in my own town.

I wanted to share their newest PR video and encourage you to pass it on to everyone you know. Only through education about this industry can we really change things for these precious souls. Once you finish watching the video, get up and go find your dog and give him/her the biggest hug and ear scratch you ever have. And give thanks that you have such an incredible creature sharing your life. And, if you don't have a dog (I cannot imagine why that would be!), you might want to seriously consider adopting one from a rescue group like National Mill Dog.

I tried to upload the video directly to Blogger, but it's being ornery, so you'll have to click on the link here to view it.

And don't forget....get up and go find your dog NOW!

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Anonymous said...

What an awesome group this is. Thank you for what you are doing...hopefully this is only the beginning of the end of puppy mills!