January 9, 2009

What a Relief!

The Karmann Ghia cat has gone back to his rightful home, thanks to my hot pink fliers! In addition to the fliers, we put an ad in the local paper, an ad on Craigslist and called the local Humane Society. In the end, it was the hot pink flier that reunited him with his family. So, if you're ever missing a pet or find a pet, post those fliers everywhere!

Zeus was the kitty's name and he was very glad to see his family. One of the daughters held him in her arms like a baby and it was obvious he was back with people he loved. Apparently, Zeus is an inside-only cat, but the litterbox is in the garage and he got out when the 7-year-old son left the garage door open accidentally. Anyway, we now know where Zeus lives if he should ever decide to visit us again.

As a side note, Zeus was not neutered, which is a huge pet peeve of mine. Come to find out, the mother figure of his family is a vet tech! When we mentioned the neutering thing to her last night, she said she had been meaning to do it...herself...but hadn't gotten around to it. Said she was raised on a farm and was used to neutering her own animals. As they were leaving, she told us she was going home to neuter Zeus right away! I got chills thinking about the details of that. I know when you live on a farm you do what your have to do with what resources you have, but these days, I prefer to let a licensed vet, in a sterile hospital setting, neuter my pets....with drugs!

I couldn't help thinking about poor Zeus. Here he was being reunited with the people he loves and had missed for four days, and in return he gets to experience the displeasure of a homemade neuter job as soon as he gets home. I wouldn't be surprised if he heads for the hills the next time that garage door is left open....or back to our house and the Karmann Ghia!


Suzan said...

I'm so happy that you found Zeus' owners! Ummm...how many cats do you have???

Lilla, my husband neuters our little ram lambs when it's time. He is very careful with it and it's a very quick procedure, but I do cringe about the need to do this. The little guys are uncomfortable for a day but nevertheless run around, play with the others and gobble their hay and grain without a care. However, these are farm animals and not pets. We do take out pets into the vet as needed.

Lynda said...

I'm so glad that he was reunited with his family, but agree with you about the home neutering thing - especially when you have access, as you say, to clean vet's rooms & drugs etc. We drive hours over awful roads to take our pets & all the strays I care for to a proper vet for spaying/neutering when I'm sure the 'easier' option would just be to do it on the farm, but I would never consider it !

Lilla said...

Well, Suzan, the number of cats we have is a closely guarded secret, but I will say we have less than we did when we moved to Colorado!

Lilla said...

Lynda - good for you and the care you take of all the critters who come your way. They are very fortunate to have you!