October 30, 2008


I am not a materialistic person. I don't shop for clothes or trinkets very often. I would rather spend my money on goodies for my pets, plants for my garden or a nice meal at a restaurant. Even so, my too-big house contains things I don't need or use - things I've accumulated over the years because I thought I needed them, or would most definitely need them in the future. I have 'stuff 'that fills just about every nook and cranny, but I am working on that and have purged a lot in the last couple of years. Included in my collection of stuff, however, are items that represent precious memories to me and ones of which I refuse to part. My mother's wedding ring is probably my most prized possession, but here are a few others that are special to me:

My maternal grandmother's china set of Bali Hai by Kent

My maternal grandfather's rocking chair. I remember him sitting in this for many years before progressing to a recliner! It's been re-upholstered a time or two.

An antique organ top from my maternal grandparents' house. The organ is long since gone, but the refinished top makes a perfect wall adornment and conversation piece.

A table that my great-grandmother retrieved from a trash heap on the side of the road. The warped top has served my family well for many decades. We call it the trash heap table, for obvious reasons!

My uncle's army chest is used as extra storage for linens, as well as a prime cat snoozing spot (unfortunately, no one was willing to pose for this picture)!

My paternal grandmother's handwritten diary, with yearly accounts from 1884-1941. This is especially valuable to me because I never knew my paternal grandparents and this diary gives me a peek into their lives.

A lot of memories are linked to these items and/or the people who touched them before me. These are the kinds of items I enjoy having in my home...the ones I believe are worthy of keeping. To some they are just things, but to me they are cherished treasures in my life that nothing can replace.

I am willing to bet that all of us have certain material treasures in our lives that have special meaning to us. What are yours?


LiveWorkDream said...

They are beautiful treasures indeed. These are the kinds of things that we put in storage. They technically aren't worth much, except the sentimental value we've attached to them. But even as fulltime RVers, we wouldn't let go of them, they just mean so much to us. Just have to make sure we don't keep accumulating more sentimental stuff if we're going to keep up this lifestyle!

Lilla said...

Sentimental value is worth way more than any monetary value, in my opinion. If you guys keep adding sentimental stuff to your collection, you'll have to get a bigger rig...or build a little cabin in the woods somewhere!

lou collier hyams said...

hi 'lil jane!
Nice inventory. You just gave us an idea. Have you transcribed or scanned the diary? That would be McPhearson I'm guessing?
Nice squirrel too!

Lilla said...

Hey Cuz,
My dad transcribed the diary when he was alive and your mom has a photocopy of the handwritten version. Maybe she could copy or scan it for you and Jon? It is a wonderful memento to have.