September 7, 2008

Water at 140 feet

Two weeks ago we managed to accomplish one of the major tasks on our list of making our Westcliffe land habitable - we struck water! While we are planning to be off grid as far as power goes, we just weren't into the hauling in water thing, so drilling a well was a big priority for us. Our next steps include researching solar water pumps, septic systems and narrowing down the multitude of passive solar building possibilities.

This is a shot of our property from across the road. In the distance, a little left of center, you can see the drilling rig. Our plans are to build to the east, in the open area that overlooks the valley to the north.

The driller struck water at 60 feet, but advised going deeper to protect us in case of drought; therefore, he went a total of 140 feet to ensure an adequate supply.

And, here she is in all her glory - ready for some serious water producing!


Jon said...

Wow! That is exciting!
I do intend one day to be away from metroplex and in a similiar area.
Maybe its the small town peeking out of me, but I do enjoy accomplishments like having my own water, power and so on.

Lilla said...

Yes, it is very exciting to start something from scratch and learn as you go along. Whoever thought a city girl like me would be drinking well water and talking of going off grid! Heck, a few years ago I didn't even know what off grid meant!