July 14, 2008

Wild, Wild West

We went to Westcliffe this past weekend so Neal could see if Buford would stand up to the test of clearing a path for a driveway. Since Buford is a garden tractor and not a big commercial machine, it took many, many runs back and forth and some added weight to get him to cut the ground, but some progress was made and Neal was proud. After another tune-up and some added accessories, Neal and Buford will hit the trail again to complete the task.

We took the pups with us this time and they had an absolute blast! Nadia is very obedient and sticks to my side when off-leash, but Captain and George are another story. They are like kids in a candy store, trying to take it all in, being so overcome with joy and amazement that they appear to have springs on their feet! This was the second time they had been to our property and were allowed to roam leashless, under close supervision. We took Captain to obedience classes when he was a puppy, so he knows the basics. George, on the other hand, came to us as an adult, so we are not sure if he had any formal obedience training. They are both very smart and did really well with the "come" command; however, that stinker, George, would push the limits as far as he could.

As a reminder that Westcliffe and the surrounding Wet Mountain valley really are a perfect example of the virtually unspoiled wild west, we found these visitors (or, were we the visitors?) on our property.

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