July 6, 2008

Our Fourth of July

I think I may have fixed the formatting of my blog (fingers crossed). Actually, I didn't really repair, I just changed the template and it appears to be working properly in both Internet Explorer and Firefox Mozilla....for now. I would appreciate any feedback, especially if you are still having difficulty viewing things.

We went to Westcliffe for the weekend, without dogs, so we had more freedom to do what we wanted. Neal entered his 1967 Karmann Ghia in the car show and got lots of lookers and compliments. It was great to see so many people flock to town for the Fourth of July weekend events. In addition to the car show, there was a parade, a flea market and a fireworks show over Lake Deweese. Yes, we do have lakes (although mostly man-made) in Colorado!

A summer storm blew through before we arrived Thursday evening and when we turned down the street to our property we were greeted with pea-sized hail on much of the landscape. Since July is typically the hottest month in Colorado, the hail and its accompanying cooler temperatures were a nice surprise.

Here's a sampling of our weekend:

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Sunny said...

Just passin thru
At the moment I can't dowload too much as have to view at our libary
But hope to soon there are pics on my earlier Blog however...
Blessings from the uk.....