July 1, 2008

Name That Bug

This past weekend, Neal made a trellis and dug a bed for our Asian asparagus bean plants - well, they are actually just sprouts from seeds right now, but we hope they'll develop into plants. They are also called yard-long beans, which gives you an idea of how long the beans can grow. We've never tried our hands at planting veggies from seeds, especially the climbing kind, so we are excited to see what the results will be. We also have quite a spread of container vegetables planted including tomatoes, brussel sprouts, bell peppers, Chinese greens, and broccoli. If everything produces fruitfully, we'll have some yummy homegrown vegetables to enjoy this summer. Yes, I know that technically the tomato is a fruit, but you get the idea!

While Neal was erecting the trellis, an interesting flying critter landed on his arm and he called for me to get the camera. As I was running in and out of the house and fumbling with the camera, the bug inched his way slowly up Neal's arm. When I was finally able to get focused and press the shutter button, he paused for a few seconds, then took off (the critter, not Neal). I didn't realize at the time that I had the camera set on video instead of still photo, hence my surprised comment in the background.

I've tried researching on the Internet what the name of the bug could be, but so far I haven't been successful. As you will see from the clip, he had a black, slender body, with shimmering gold tones on his back, and really long antennae. The gold tones on his back aren't as vibrant on the video as they actually were. Anyone have a clue what it is?

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