July 22, 2008

More Company

Neal's parents (Granny and Poppa) came out for a visit over the weekend. This is the third time they've come to see us since we moved to Colorado and this time was definitely the best visit. The main reason being that Granny got sick on the previous two visits and wasn't able to enjoy either trip. Last year's visit sent her to the emergency clinic where they gave her a prescription for a nausea medication which seemed to do the trick. This year, she brought those pills and Neal bought her some Unisom for sleep and she had no problems. Altitude sickness is a very real thing, especially when you travel from just above sea level to over 6,000 feet.

During their visit, we went to Westcliffe to show them our property. As expected, they thought we had lost our marbles, wanting to live in such a rural area, 7 miles off a paved highway. At one point along the route, Granny turned to Poppa and said, "Are you sure we brought the right baby home from the hospital?" They couldn't stop commenting, though, about how beautiful that part of the state is and how nice and peaceful our property is. We ate at a restaurant in town and gave them the grand tour of downtown. They were impressed with the charm and quaintness and surprised to see so much activity and so many businesses for a town that size.

We ate out quite a bit, as we do when people visit, but one night Neal cooked a shrimp and crab jambalaya and grilled steaks. We invited our neighbors, Herm and Eileen, to join us and meet Neal's parents for the first time. We had a lovely time and the food was scrumptious. Neal even made stuffed mushrooms from scratch....yum! We rounded out the visit with a trip to Cripple Creek where we hit several casinos. Neal was the luckiest in the bunch, coming out $3 ahead. Good thing we're not addicted to gambling, because we'd surely be living under a bridge.

So, there you have it - a recap of our second "company comes to town" visit this year. We love it when friends and family decide to spend their vacation time visiting with us and enjoying this beautiful state. We stayed so busy with Granny and Poppa that we didn't take one single picture. Give us a couple of weeks and we'll be refreshed and ready for more company. So, who's next?

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