May 7, 2008

Critters, Flowers and a Tractor

Nadia is very camera shy. It took me forever to get her to cooperate, and she still didn't pose like I wanted. I can just hear her saying, "I'm ignoring you, mom."
"Still ignoring you."

But in the end, this picture was worth all the effort.

We have quite a few friendly squirrels in our neighborhood. Wonder if Neal hand-feeding them peanuts has anything to do with it?
They drive the dogs crazy with their acrobatic antics and their tail-twitching and chattering.

Remember the snow that covered everything just last week and my promise of beautiful growth beneath?
Bees and butterflies will be swarming soon!

In anticipation of our move to the country, Neal couldn't resist purchasing this "old but reliable" garden tractor.

His faithful assistant, Captain, inspects the intruder with a wary eye.

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